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Gillian Roberts is the author of the Anthony-award winning Amanda Pepper mystery series that features a Philadelphia high school English teacher and her significant (but undernamed) other, C. K. Mackenzie.

Gillian's also written two books in a second series, featuring a pair of private detectives, Emma Howe and Billie August. Emma's a "woman of a certain age" who has been running an agency for quite a while, and Billie is the inexperienced young trainee Emma reluctantly has hired. That series is set in Marin County, California and the books are called Time and Trouble and Whatever Doesn't Kill You.

The geography of the two series is no accident — the author's a native Philadelphian who now lives in California. She was also once a high school English teacher. Everybody said: write what you know.

After ten whodunits, she tried writing what she knew with You Can Write a Mystery.

However, even though teaching sometimes led to murderous thoughts, Gillian insists she doesn't know about murder and mayhem first hand. Her life in crime is confined to the printed page, and the rest of the time she's in disguise as Judith Greber, mild-mannered Marin county woman who has written four novels in which nobody dies—or if they do, nobody cares whodunit.

Gillian's single, footloose, hard to find and refuses to divulge her background.

Judith's been happily married for almost the entire last millennium, and is the mother of two grown sons.

Gillian, Judith's mysterious alter-ego, was named at a party by Judith's friends after a publisher insisted she take another name for her mysteries, so as not to confuse the readers. Judith's been confused ever since.


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